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Welcome. You made it!

Now that you’re here, you can reduce stress & enjoy your kids more.

You’ve been doing an amazing job–and I’m so glad you found me. I’m a mom, social worker, and child behavior specialist–I help parents act on their very best intentions. Here’s what folks I’ve worked with have been saying: 

You’ve helped me be the parent I want to be.”

“Focusing on what’s going well and validating my child is really shifting things.”

“I am grateful to you Sarah, for all of your support.” 

“My daughter hasn’t whined in 7 days–that’s remarkable!”

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Positive and encouraging.

Punishment and reward free.

Cooperative and compassionate.

Backed by the latest brain science.

Your relationship with your child will last a lifetime – nurture it! Kind and firm limits, along with loads of empathy, help children self-regulate and grow their emotional competence.

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