Here’s what I’m up to right NOW:

  • Lots of meals on the deck this time of year!
  • And also so many fresh veggies from our garden–yummy.
  • I attended the Maine Military & Community Network Conference and staffed a booth for the Maine Resilience Building Network.
  • I’m continuing along with my commitment to writing for an hour each and every week. I often do it AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE, but I get it done.
  • I made a guest appearance on Being Brave with Abbie McG recently and it was so much fun! Link to see the show coming soon!
  • I was interviewed by Mercedes Samudio on her show, The Family Couch. You can watch my episode about raising your EQ as a parent right here!
  • Entertaining myself and expanding my mind with these books I’m currently reading. (You can also check out these I’ve read in 2017.)

    If things change, you’ll know here first. This page was last updated August of 2017.