Here’s what I’m up to right NOW:

  • You guys. It’s April and it is STILL snowing!
  • Attended the Maine Literacy Connections Conference last week. Amazing speakers.
  • Presenting this month at the MaineAEYC Spring Conference about Books, Race, and Social Justice.
  • Serving on the Maine Resilience Building Network‘s Leadership Team.
  • Expanding my mind with these books I’m currently reading. (You can also check out these I’ve read recently.)
  • Check out Peggy Orenstein’s latest book: Girls & Sex. It’s a must read (honestly, all her books are fantastic. I’m a huge fan.)
  • My boy played Michael Darling in our local children’s theater production of Peter Pan Jr. and it was beyond. I mean, look!

    If things change, you’ll know here first. This page was last updated April of 2017.