I’m so excited to announce that I am an affiliate with Mindful Nurturing and they have a great deal going on right now where you can get over $750 worth of parenting education materials for only $49.97! To get the whole collection or buy just the parts you want: Click here to visit Mindful Nurturing.


You’ll see that you can buy the whole package (which includes some cool bonuses) or get individual modules (aka mini-bundles) for particular areas of interest. Check it out:

There’s a Pregnancy and Birth Mini Bundle (Stephanie over at Mama and Baby Love is included here.)

There’s a Early Years Mini Bundle (My book, What Not to Say is included in this one!)

There’s a Child Development Mini Bundle (Neufield and Mate’s great book Hold Onto Your Kids and Paige at Parenting Gently are included here)

There’s a Mindful Guidance Mini Bundle (Patty over at Hand in Hand Parenting and Bryan at  The Post Institute are included here)

There’s the Resources for Parents Mini Bundle (Amy over at Presence Parenting and Teresa from Parenting for Social Change are included here)

Again, here’s where you can check out everything that’s available: Click here to visit Mindful Nurturing