Additional Services

“Thanks to Sarah’s guidance I have been able to find my own inner calm MUCH faster. I’ve been able to NOT yell or blow-up when faced with parenting challenges.”

Mother of Two Daughters

Who doesn’t want to be the most resourced parent possible? We all want to keep our cool and have infinite patience. THIS IS HARD!

Resources are good! They help us feel like we aren’t going it alone. Resources provide us with insight and help us plan better. I have found that the more information and support I have, the better things go. Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Teachers, Daycare Providers, and Nannies all need the latest information about the human brain and compassionate support to stay on track.

In addition to Parent RESET, I also offer the following:

Group Classes: I would love to meet with your faculty and staff, or your mom or dad’s group. I create engaging talks and workshops about the following topics, and would be happy to customize a presentation for you and your people:4 way

Creating more connection so you get more cooperation

Taming tantrums and weathering strong feelings

Terrific Toddlers—What to expect and how to cope

Supporting internal motivation and true self-esteem—a tool box

The triunal brain and emotional competence

Child guidance that is punishment and coercion free (and still works!)

Navigating differences—How to get on the same parenting page as your partner

Setting children up for success—scaffolding desired behavior

Workshops & Lectures: I can design an hour-long talk, or a days-long seminar to suit your individual needs.

One-on-one consultations and individualized parent coaching: At your home, over the phone, or at my office in Portland, Maine. This service is available for folks who want individual assistance on specific issues and challenges. This can include a private class or observation and support in your home. Contact me for more information.

Your relationship with your child will last a lifetime – nurture it!