Or maybe a LOT of patience.

I thought I HAD a lot of patience when I became a parent. I had spent fifteen years working with young children and I rarely lost my cool. (Though I have written before about how much easier it is taking care of other people’s kids.) I really thought I would be all set.

I noticed on our ride back from visiting family in D.C. that I have very little patience in general, for anything, or anyone, when stuck in the car for ten hours straight with my family after a crummy night’s sleep. I had no patience for complaints about video choices (Seriously? We didn’t even HAVE car videos when we were kids!). No patience for delis without bathrooms. No patience for pizza that is “too hot.” No patience for smartphones that send you on crazy routes. (Yes, I know, #firstworldproblems, but that’s where I was at.)

patience quote

So I did my best. I owned my feelings. I didn’t blame my family members for my malaise. I took deep breaths. I tried to balance my need for hydration with my desire to avoid pit stops. I apologized when my tone/volume got out of hand. It made me realize how much being well-rested impacts my ability to keep a good attitude. It made me think of all the ways I could coach parents to g-r-o-w their patience on a daily basis.

So, this Sunday at 1:00pm (EST) I’m going to give a free talk online about HOW TO GROW YOUR PARENTING PATIENCE. If you’re considering PEAK Parenting, this will give you a better idea of what I’m all about, and how the program might help you reduce stress, enjoy your kids more, and have a peaceful home life!