Josh’s nap window seems to be closing. It used to be wide open and we could get in a nap anywhere between 12:15pm and 2pm. Then I tried driving home from a morning activity (hoping for a snooze in the car) and he was still awake when we arrived. At 1:30pm. What!?! Upon initiating the nap routine at such a late breaking time, I was met with resistance on par with someone who had been trained by the military to not share state secrets. I even heard clear verbal protest, “No nap, no sleeping, no way!”

Um, okay. That’s not cool.

A week later (on my 38th birthday, thank you very much) we did such battle at naptime, I cannot even speak of what became of us. There was yelling and crying, (from him and me) and I scared us both with how angry I became. It begs the question: Am I getting enough down time? Probably not.

One needs to be calm, centered, and well-rested to meet the opposition to sleep that my young son puts forth. Why, why, WHY must he fight sleep so much! I find myself saying aloud to myself, “Oh my God, are you kidding me?” To which Josh responds, in pitch-perfect copycat style, “Oh my God, are you kidding me?”