Hello. Remember me? Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a while. We’ve been sick.

Far be it for my child to get a typical virus. One he could not pass around a-la Typhoid Mary. One that lasted like, one week. No, that would be too simple and easy.

Instead he gets the river of snot, endless coughing, solid month of no sleep kind of virus. The one he sweetly passed to his mother and father in quick succesion. And we, his loving parents, have had to withstand: one midnight trip to the ER, several days of missed work, and a relapse into some very bad sleeping habits.

We are now the proud owners of one nebulizer. And we have completely lowered ourselves by bribing him to suck on it with the use of a Thomas the Tank Engine video which he has instantly become addicted to—I’m talking crack addict kind of addicted. He points at the DVD player and demands, “Thomas!” Thom-as!” It is so wrong. I’m going to hide the T.V. right now while he’s asleep.

Please join me in my mantra: “Sleep through the night, sleep through the night, sleep through the night.” I am so tired.