Hi there,

Here’s my ode to the “try, try again” format that is parenting life–though in this case, the hinderance may have been more my husband and less my child.

Here’s the finished product of my holiday card:

xmas 2013

Cute, right? However, if you click here: {holiday card video} you can watch a 45 second video of the 23 frames that were taken to get the three for the card. You can see that my husband starts things off right with his finger up his nose there in frame 3. I wasn’t sure why my sister-in-law was laughing so hard (or how she managed to keep the camera steady to take any photos after that!) Alison -thanks for all your hard work!

Frame 16 is the one in which I am calmy (but not very nicely) telling my beloved spouse that we will just keep snapping photos until we get a good one. I was definitely heading into my “downstairs brain” at that point and you can probably read my tone of voice on Joshua’s face.

How did your family photo taking go this year?