To say that Josh is articulate would be a gross understatement. Not that I take any credit for this phenomenon, (well, maybe a little) but he has a good vocablulary and is relatively easy to understand for a 2.25 year old.

Last weekend we went (drove!) to New Jersey to visit my grandmother. Before we left Joshua and I had a conversation about our upcoming journey:

Me: We’re going to see Grandpa Dan this weekend.

Josh: In New Jersey?

Me: Yep, in New Jersey. Who else will we see? (We had been discussing…)

Josh: Grandma Ronnie? (My step-mom. Good guess.)

Me: No, Grandma Ronnie is staying in Arizona, she has to work. But we will see Grandma Ceil. (His great-grandmother, but we haven’t talked about this difference yet.)

Josh: She broke her cheek? (Okay, it is crazy that he remembers this story about his other grandmother who passed away last year when he was not yet one.)

Me: No, that was Grandma Sue. But Sue and Ceil sound alike don’t they? Grandma Ceil is actually Grandpa Dan’s mommy.

Josh: Where is the child? (It takes me a bit figure out what he means…)

Me: Grandpa Dan is Grandma Ceil’s child. But now he’s all grown-up. He used to be a child, but now he is a man. Someday you’ll grow into a man, but it will take a long time.

Josh: (laughing maniacally as if there is a hysterical joke) But I’m two!!!

I have to wonder; oh are you?