loved the most

This. This sums up a lot of what I do. I help parents navigate this irony: We are on our worst behavior at home. Our kids act their worst, and we act our worst.

We are more likely to hurt the ones we love. We tend to be more honest, more vulnerable, and more cranky– all around more authentic. We get involved in each other’s emotional lives and are affected by each other’s moods. (Check out the new science on that, it’s fascinating.)

Part of the reason for this is lack of awareness, and the rest of the reason is stress and fatigue. There is the everyday wear and tear of cohabitating with your own personal nuclear family. I always say that the Nuclear Family is well named. NUCLEAR–That’s not a good thing! It’s too isolating.

This month in my PEAK Parenting we’re exploring Togetherness & Triggers and I’m offering folks space to evaluate what’s working in their home, and what isn’t. I’m offering tools, structure and support for creating sustained change. I help parents see their kids and family life through a different lens–one that promotes connection, calmer behavior and a more peaceful home.

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