I’ve been taking a little rest after all that blogging. Thanks for your patience. I’ve never been much of a runner, but I only imagine that completing a marathon feels a little like that blog tour!

I am so encouraged and insired by the great work that every single person/site/blog that I “visited” is doing. I can see the future that is filled with children who were raised with respect, love, emotional literacy and conscious care. Thank you everyone for swimming up the stream of the mainstream. Small shifts matter. The messages we send, in all our varied and beautiful ways, have impact on families who seek and read. I look forward to connecting again and collaborating more down the road. Also, huge thanks to the seekers and readers, friends and family. I so apprecaite your support.

AND~ All that work paid off in the mysterious (to me) land of SEO (search engine optimization) as Redbook magazine found me through a Google search and  interviewed me for this great article about parent-child communication on Shine from Yahoo! Please read it and tweet/post/share.

More blogging will continue here soon. Just catching my breath and pausing in this moment of gratefulness. Thank you, thank you, thank you!