Here’s what I’m up to right NOW!

  • It’s wood stove season in Maine!!! Bring on the hygge! (Swedish word that loosely translates as “cozy.”)
  • It also gets dark at 4:30 PM so…
  • Are you ready for Thanksgiving next week and the fast-paced race to the end of the year? Need to get steady so you can be an effective tone-setter in your home? Check out my self-paced Parent RESET program. Downloadable in an instant! It only takes 28 days to start some new habits.
  • I hate that this is still relevant: article I co-wrote about what to do if there are wildfires in your area over at  ZERO TO THREE’s site.
  • Entertaining myself and expanding my mind with these books I’m currently reading. (You can also check out these I’ve read so far in 2018.) I’m loving Dare to Lead. If you are not familiar with Brene Brown

    When things change, you’ll know here first. This page was last updated in early November 2018.