Here’s what I’m up to right NOW:

  • It’s been feeling like spring but it’s Maine and I know Mother Nature is totally teasing us.
  • Took my boy on a work trip to D.C. and we had a blast but came home exhausted! Photo below is from the START of our trip.
  • Honored and delighted to be presenting at the 2018 Maine Literacy Connections Conference: Lifting Through Learning later this month. Join us!
  • I’m brewing on a blog post about the recently-inflamed gun debate–specifically the ways in which schools are handling it. Will post it here soon.
  • Entertaining myself and expanding my mind with these books I’m currently reading. (You can also check out these I read in 2017.) Really important read is When They Call You a Terrorist.

    When things change, you’ll know here first. This page was last updated March of 2018.