cafe picWe all want calm family interactions and cooperative kids. PEAK Parenting’s focus on current brain research and empathy makes it a potent combination for bringing about positive change. Have you read bunches of parenting books, felt like you “got it,” but then still found yourself losing your cool? It took a while for our brains to wire the reactivity we live with every day–it will take a while to undo these habits and create new ones. PEAK Parenting is designed to offer “small and often” bite-sized bits of information along with steady, compassionate support. This helps us retrain our brains to that more responsive way of being–we can do it!

More exciting announcements: Introducing my fabulous PEAK Parenting guest teachers (plus a surprise guest!).

Toshatosha Schore, Your Partner in Parenting specializes in raising boys and she and I discuss how to help soothe sibling relationships.

Karen Burke Lane, LCSW of Life Ideals Wellness Center hangs out with me to discuss six aspectkarens of self-care.

catherine hummel

The dynamic and engaging Catherine Hummel preaches radical self-acceptance and love–how important is THAT for us as parents? (VERY!)

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Jenna Daly, LCSW and I speak about how our intimate relationships impact our parenting and family lives. We touch onthe importance of communication and how to feel more connected.

Leah Deragon, of both Birth Roots and Parents Raising Consciousness, catches up with me for a conversation about many topics–including the challenge of “parenting upstream” and the evolution of attachment parenting. Leah.deragon

My innovative and easy to access PEAK course is designed to maximize impact for minimal time invested. Devote just 5-10 minutes a day and see less stress, more fun, and surprisingly cooperative kids!