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What parents are saying about Sarah:

“You’ve helped me be the parent I want to be.” 

“Focusing on what’s going well for me and my child is really shifting things.” 

“I feel much more calm and confident.”

“I am grateful to you Sarah, for all of your support.” 

“My daughter hasn’t whined in 7 days–that’s remarkable!”

The Parent RESET Program is completely self-paced and focused on helping busy moms and dads prioritize caring for themselves.

Young, growing people will demand that you meet their needs–no matter how empty YOUR tank is. Stay ahead of the game by prioritizing the care and nurturing of YOU. You’ll help create a more peaceful and enjoyable home life. You CAN feel better with a commitment of just a few minutes a day!

Are you ready to commit just a few minutes a day to see big results in your family, your life, and yourself?

Your investmsitting togetherent in your family for The Parent RESET (Read more abreset enrollout it HERE): $59 for forever access for both you and your parenting partner (if applicable). CLICK HERE to enroll.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are you qualified to teach these courses?
A: I am a licensed social worker who has worked with children and families for over 20 years. My experiences, practice, and research has culminated to bring me RIGHT HERE–a place where I can guide, inform, and support parents on the climb toward becoming the parents they want to be. I’ve designed these programs from a place of compassion and love, and have facilitated PEAK multiple times for people on several continents.

Q: My child is only 1 (or already 18), will these offerings be helpful for me?
A: These programs apply to parents of children of all ages. The approaches and techniques shared in these programs can be applied to anyone. My programming is geared toward parents who want to be as connected and compassionate with their families as possible, and sometimes feel challenged in doing so.

Q: Is PEAK really 3-12 months long (or longer)? Why?
A: Our brains have taken years to get used to the way things are in there! If you’re looking for a quicker turn-around, try the 28 Day RESET. But sometimes, it takes more time, information, and effort to retrain our brain to do something new. Consistent, friendly reminders, and deep support help these positive changes become long-term!

Q: What if I don’t have time to commit to doing something new?
A: I know you’re busy and your time is precious. RESET is a 2-minutes daily practice and you can complete at your leisure. In PEAK, most days require 2-5 minutes of your time (even the videos are super short!). This program is designed to reward commitment, even if you’re only able to commit to reviewing the materials once a week, or once every few days. It’s easy to follow along, and even easier to catch up with the community if you’re away for a little while.

Q: But I’m in a different time zone. Can I still participate in the videos and coaching calls?
A: The RESET Program is 100% self-paced–you access the material (videos and workbook) on your own. PEAK has prerecorded video content, and one live call per month that is recorded and available to listen at your convenience.

Q: Can my parenting partner participate?
A: Yes! And for FREE.

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