My old friend Darla is hosting me at her very funny blog She’s a Maineiac today. I don’t mean that Darla is old, though she is older than me, but only ever so slightly, like a year or two, maybe?…but anyway. What I meant was that Darla and I were friends a long time ago. Not that we’re not friends anymore, but we’re more like Facebook friends, but not a Facebook friend I don’t  know, just one I don’t see that much anymore. But not because I don’t like her, geez, I just can’t get this right.

What I mean is that even though I spent an entire year living down the hall from Darla when I was an idiotic know-it-all teenager my first year of college and we both carried buckets of shampoo to the community bathroom wearing flip-flops and stayed up way too late talking about which boys we thought were cute and made up ridiculous dance routines to loud music in our dorm hallway, I’ve only actually seen her twice since 1990. Both times in the last few years so we could introduce our children to each other and attempt to catch up while they wreaked havoc on our surroundings. What I mean is that thanks to Facebook and our blogs, Darla and I actually still know each other. Cool huh?

Read her blog. It’s hilarious. Especially the post where she outs herself in her “mountain of hair” haircut?  I get to say I knew her when! I tried to keep up with my post here, but I don’t think I did.