I told a friend yesterday that I wasn’t sure how many people I was going to inform about my most recent foray into radical self-care. I’ve gone so Rambo I don’t even want to tell people what I did! In my heart, I know it’s good to be a role model in this area, even if my actions do prove somewhat controversial.

Many of you know we had a snowstorm on Monday, technically: a blizzard. I found out Joshua’s daycare was going to be opening late due to the snow so I bagged my plan: half day at the office and half mental health day. I wasn’t sad to consider not going to the office, but I was BUMMED to contemplate missing my long-in-the-works movie date! But, being a good grown-up, I emailed the daycare and said we’d be staying home. After approximately an hour-and-a-half of being at home trying to work a bit with Josh whining and moaning in the background. I emailed the daycare director again and asked, “Did I lose my chance to bring him in for the afternoon? I have a few things I need to get done.” Need is the operative word here. Yes, I felt guilty when I merged onto the turnpike amid speeding tractor trailer trucks, my heart leaping in my throat. Yes, I did go to the office for a couple of hours to get work done that was going to be really hard to do while working from home.

I felt another major twinge when I glanced at the newspaper headlines and saw that the governor had declared a state of emergency! And yes, I nervously peeked at my cell phone to check the time while I was at the theater.

I saw The Fighter and picked him up at 4:30pm on the dot.

We made it home safe and sound: mental health restored.

P.S. Do I need to mention that I have four-wheel drive?