When I ask parents about taking good care of themselves, the answer I hear most frequently, especially from moms, is, “Yeah, I definitely don’t get enough ‘me-time.'”

Well, no. No one does.

I think there’s a better lens through which to view self-care. If we think of caring for ourselves in terms of the time we get alone to do whatever we want, whether that’s a coffee date with a friend, a massage, or 10 minutes alone with a book (even though all those things are wonderful!), we are in trouble. Because we really need to take care of ourselves on a moment to moment basis–we must consider our needs as we move through the day, too. In some ways, “me-time” needs to be all the time. 

Understanding and prioritizing our own needs actually helps our children and families for several reasons:

  1. We know where we stand, and can put and hold boundaries where needed. If we are checking in with ourselves; attuned to our own thoughts, feelings, and rhythms, we’ll know whether or not we should, for example, say “yes,” or “no,” to someone else’s request.
  2. We retain the level of energy that we desire. If we make sure we are well fed, rested, exercised, etc., then we won’t get so worn out/worn down. When we say “yes” to ourselves, we say yes to everyone’s lives going better, too. Resentment is hugely diminished!
  3. We are magically more able to be the parent we want to be. It never ceases to amaze me how much more loving, kind, compassionate, connected, and fun of a parent I can be when I have filled my own cup first! If my tank gets too low, I’m cranky. If my child tries to siphon a charge from me, and my battery is dead, I can’t take it.

Making a commitment and giving yourself permission are both integral parts of my Parent RESET Program.

The way we treat ourselves is imprinted on our children. Get yourself toselfcare not selfish the top of your to-do list!

Our children deserve to grow up with moms (and dads) who:

  • care about themselves and show it through action on a regular basis
  • are able to stay calm & steady in the face of discord & upset because they’ve taken good care of themselves
  • have a good sense of self & know their own likes, wants, needs, and limits
  • can demonstrate self-renewal, self-regulation, & positive self-talk.

Get your 28 Day Guide to better self-care: The Parent RESET Program! Invest in yourself and your family’s well-being and you will receive a comprehensive workbook, daily practices, and weekly videos to keep you on track. Retrain your brain–RESET your parenting–create a more peaceful family life. It’s totally possible.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of what the program includes:

ONE Goal: Customized by YOU!

TWO Key practices: Intention and Inquiry

THREE Learning modalities: Reading, Watching, and Expressing

FOUR Themes: Brain Science, Mindfulness, Self-Love, & Coaching Yourself

FIVE Guiding Principles:

  1. Remember yourself first.
  2. Empathy, Empathy, Empathy.
  3. Start small.
  4. Everyone can win.
  5. Thoughts are not reality.

It’s straightforward and easy to follow along. Small, simple steps that will alter your family’s trajectory FOREVER.