Hey parents — I wanted to let you know:


Also — I am running a completely virtual parenting program you can tune into at your own convenience! PEAK Parenting offers moms and dads six months of broadened perspective, innovative tools, and compassionate support.

You’ll learn to nurture and develop positive connections with your kids, yourself, and your parenting partner (if applicable), and how to maintain healthy boundaries. Evaluate what’s working in your family life, and what isn’t–and make the change. Invest in your family and reap the benefits for the rest of your lives. Are you ready to commit just 5 minutes a day to see big results in your family, your life, and yourself?

Each weekday, you’ll receive a short email, with parenting tips to implement, a video to watch, or food for thought. This will retrain your brain toward a loving, kind, connected approach to parenting and taking care of YOURSELF.

The next round of PEAK Parenting starts June 1st. Click here to sign up for my newsletter so you get all the details!