Making the leap to a New Parenting Paradigm is a shift in your mindset.

You can do it! You can:

  • Understand kid’s brains  (and behavior) better.
  • Stay mindful of your own emotional state.
  • Set the “tone and temperature” in your home.
  • Stop the fruitless cycle of punishment, consequences and rewards.
  • Lead with compassion and love.
  • Guide children’s behavior with connection and good humor.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain what the differences look and feel like. I’m grateful to a workshop participant who send me this message last week:

“Just have to thank you again for the workshop last night. I was able to effectively use some of your ideas this morning. An example: we are all still jet lagged and the kids are having trouble getting up out of bed and getting going. We have been helping them get up and get dressed these last couple of days because of that. P really didn’t want to this morning. She was sitting on her couch and I was holding out my hand to take hers and help her into the bathroom, and she started waving a foot at my hand in a sort of kicking motion. I would typically start getting frustrated right there. But instead, I said, ‘Oh, I wonder what that means. Does waving a foot mean you need 6 kisses on your left ear?’ And she BEAMED. She said no and waved the other foot and made up something that that one meant…but that’s not what matters. It’s the beaming that means everything. I’m getting teary now writing this. She was tired and grumpy and didn’t feel like she had the energy to get moving, and I made a connection that really helped, instead of creating tension and making things harder. It makes me sad to realize that is what I often do. So I really want to thank you for the reminder and for the tools. Have a great day.”

This is the kind of change that’s possible with my workshops and courses. It’s possible, and it’s sustainable. You can make life-altering changes in your relationships with your children that will bring more peace, connection, joy, and LOVE to your home. Now, and WELL into the future.